Games to play when bored

Games to play when bored

Life is full of exciting moments, but we also get a good share of boring ones. And what do we do when we are bored? So many things, and yet, nothing. We stare into space, look feverish at the clock hoping to scare it into running faster, check our phone countless times without actually checking anything, and we sigh. We sigh a lot. Luckily, technology can be on our side bringing the fun when the fun is missing through a great assortment of games to play when bored. We are talking about the good and old puzzle and casual games that never let us down. 

Why are puzzle and casual games good games to play when bored?

They are low-risk games

The only risk you face when playing puzzle and casual games is defeat. A bummer, but nothing that will directly affect you physically or mentally. 
In these games, you do not interact with other players, so you do not need to step up your game to avoid losing face. Money is also not involved, thus, no worries on that side either. And even defeat itself is not a big deal as you can easily restart or start a new game right away without any penalty.

They are relaxing

Take the risk away, and all you have left is a relaxing gaming experience. You can play at your own rhythm, stop and restart any time, and still have fun.
Additionally, while defeat can be frustrating but not necessarily aggravating, the pleasure of winning and the excitement of trying to achieve something are always present, making these games worth it.

You are in control

Although it is advisable to fully concentrate on the game if you are striving to win, in reality, you are still in control of your mind. You can choose to completely block any distractions or focus only a bit of your attention on the task at hand while still being aware of your surroundings. 
For example, let’s say you are at the doctor’s waiting room, waiting for your name to be called. You can direct your concentration to the game to block the ongoing chitchat of your neighbors, but still keep attentive enough to hear your name being called on your turn.

Stopping does not affect your progress

With puzzle and casual games, you do not have to make any mental calculations to check if your boredom will last long enough for you to finish a game or a level. You can start and stop whenever you want, and it will not affect your progress. 

They make time tick by

All games have a fun aspect to them, regardless of their type. Therefore, they allow you to switch boredom with fun easily. And as we all know, time always seems to go faster when we are having fun. Without you realizing it, that period of boredom is over and you are back to the exciting aspects of life.

What are the best games to play when bored?

Casual and puzzle games encompass a wide variety of different games. Even if you are not very keen on a particular one, you will surely find a game in this vast category that will suit your tastes
Below you can find some examples of different games to play when you are bored.

Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter has one of the simplest gameplays out there and yet, it still manages to be extremely addictive and fun. All you have to do is shoot colored bubbles against two or more with the same color to make them pop and clear the board. 
The challenging aspect of it is that you need to pop all the bubbles before you run out of ammunition. Thus, you need to make sure your aim is accurate and that you choose the right bubbles to pop to maximize the power of your shot. 
Its description might sound boring itself but give it a try and you will quickly understand why it is so addictive. Besides, it is available for browsers, tablets, and smartphones, which means you can play it everywhere and every time you want.


There is a good reason for Solitaire to be associated with bored office workers in pop culture. It is because it works wonders to chase away boredom and to keep the players entertained for long periods of time without ever being fed up with it.
Its gameplay is also simple. It is a single-player game in which you have to organize the cards by suit in the foundations (four empty spaces on the board), starting with the Aces and ending with the Kings. It sounds easy in theory, but in practice, it is much more challenging than what it looks like. 
The good news is that nowadays you can play Solitaire on your browser, smartphone, tablets, and you even have the extra option (albeit a very conspicuous one) of playing with a traditional deck of cards.

Numbers games

This category includes many different games. Sudoku is probably the most famous one out of these, as it is available not only on electronic devices but also in many pastime sections of magazines and newspapers, proving that these are indeed good games to play when bored. There are even books dedicated solely to Sudoku puzzles, both for kids and adults and with various difficulty levels.
Other examples of number games include the popular 2048 in which you have to slide the tiles to pair them and sum their values or games of merging numbers in which you must match the number tiles to clear the board. 

Matching games

Matching games are probably the widest category of games to play when bored, as their gameplay can be very different.
The uber-famous Candy Crush Saga falls into this category, as well as all the games that use similar puzzles as a means to progress in a storyline and/or unlock features, as in the game Gardenscapes, for example.
Solitaire Mahjong and other matching-tiles games are also good puzzle games to play when bored. 

Word games

The classic game of Word Search or the new ones in which you have to connect a group of letters to form different words are also good options to play when you are feeling bored. 
You just need to methodically find or create the words, take your time, and enjoy their relaxing features. These puzzles are not designed as games to binge. In fact, these are really good games to play for short periods of time. Playing for too long can prevent you from seeing all the possible solutions and it is advisable to take breaks to clear the mind and avoid frustrating it.
Therefore, they are perfect to play when waiting for a bus, when in a queue, or when waiting for the TV commercial breaks to end.
Plus, while you are having fun playing them, you are also increasing your vocabulary and spelling skills.

Jigsaws and coloring games

To many people, building a jigsaw puzzle or coloring a book is a form of therapy. Seeing a picture beginning to form or coming to life with color helps them get into a low-meditative state that not only chases away boredom, but that also helps to reduce their stress.
Carrying a jigsaw puzzle with you or books and pencils may not be very practical, but luckily nowadays you have countless of these games for browsers and Android or iOS devices. It is easier than ever to enjoy a little zen moment anywhere and anytime. 

As you can see, there are tons of games to play when bored and they are all very different, which means you can surely find your cup of tea easily. Please note that this list is by no means exhaustive. There are many other games with different gameplays that would still fall under the wider category of puzzle and casual games. Just surf the internet for a bit or check your Play Store or App Store and you will find your next game to chase away boredom in no time.