10 Bubble Shooter tricks to win every game

bubble shooter tricks

Bubble Shooter is such a simple and straightforward game that it might look deceivingly easy. However, there is more to it than what meets the eye. If it was as easy as it looks, it would be hard to explain why it is so much fun and addictive. And since it has a challenging aspect to it, it also means that there are Bubble Shooter tricks that players can resort to in order to increase their scores and chances of winning.

1. Create and detach hanging clusters

The goal in any Bubble Shooter game is to clear the bubbles in the puzzle. This can be achieved either by directly shooting and popping the bubbles or by cutting their connection to the puzzle. When they are no longer attached to any other bubble, they fall down and explode once they hit the bottom of the game screen. This can help you remove several rows of bubbles right away with the least amount of shots.
Plus, detached bubbles are worth more points than popped ones. Therefore, the more you detach, the higher your score will be.

2. Increase your shooting range by aiming at the walls

When you shoot a bubble at the walls, it bounces against it and changes its course. More often than not, this trajectory change allows you to hit and pop bubbles that may be out of your reach when shooting straight.
The walls are, thus, one of the most important strategic elements in a Bubble Shooter game. Try aiming at the walls to check how the bounce would affect your shot. Pay attention to which bubbles you can reach using the bounce but not with a straight shot and try to see if it is possible to create or eliminate a group of hanging bubbles.

3. Bounce your shot between the walls

In line with the previous tip, you can also bounce your shot between the walls themselves. A double or a triple bounce of your shot changes its trajectory significantly while keeping the range low.
This trick is especially useful when you have a barrier of bubbles right in front of your weapon preventing you from aiming at bubbles in the center of the puzzle.

4. Look closely for big groups with the same color

Popping big groups is a great Bubble Shooter strategy to progress easily and quickly in the game. When several bubbles with the same color are connected, it means that one single and accurate shot can pop them all at once.
Clearing a big group usually results in a wide and clear path within the puzzle, that gives you access to the upper bubbles. When the group runs the full width of the puzzle, popping it means eliminating one or more full rows at once, cutting all the bubbles below those rows out of the puzzle.

5. Construct a clear path

Constructing a clear path is a common Bubble Shooter strategy used by experienced players. As your ammunition is limited, popping all the bubbles individually and/or by order of proximity to your weapon is not feasible. You need to make every shot count and try to pop or detach as many bubbles as possible with each shot.
Therefore, your goal should be to clear a path to reach a big bubble group with the same color or to reach the upper rows in the puzzle and try to deconstruct it from above by creating hanging groups and then detach them.

6. Clear the walls

Bouncing the bubbles on the walls allows you to pop bubbles that would otherwise be impossible to reach with a straight shot. However, to be able to bounce your shot on the walls, you need to have access to said walls.
A good tip to succeed in a Bubble Shooter game is to clear the lateral bubbles first so that you can bounce your bubbles higher. Additionally, if you keep cleaning the sides of the puzzle, you will end up with a big group of hanging bubbles in the center, and you can easily remove several rows at once by cutting the connection of the group.

7. Switch the color of your shot

A common Bubble Shooter trick that is, surprisingly, often forgotten, is the ability to change the color of the bubble you are shooting. In all fairness, you can only switch up between your current and the following shooting bubble, but that alone can already be very helpful.
For instance, you may choose to shoot a bubble that will open a clear path first, instead of wasting a shot by shooting a bubble with no matching color in your range.

8. Avoid stacking

Switching up your current shooting bubble with the following one is a useful Bubble Shooter trick, but it can fall short sometimes. One of the challenging aspects of Bubble Shooter is that you do not always get to shoot the color you need or want. Again, this is one of the reasons why Bubble Shooter strategies are important and why popping all the bubbles in order is not feasible - you are bound to run out of ammunition if you try it.
This means that at some point you may find yourself “wasting” ammunition while waiting for the right color. When facing such a predicament the best strategy to follow is to spread your shots along the puzzle’s width and avoid stacking them.
Stacking can be a bad idea for two reasons. The first is that you will lose if your puzzle touches the bottom bar where your weapon is located. Stacking will create a long “stalactite” pointing directly at such a bar. One slip of your finger and you might fail your next shot and end up losing the game.
The second reason is that stacking creates a vertical bubble wall in the puzzle. Depending on where this wall is located, it may block important bubbles or turn the bouncing walls useless.

9. Create easily detachable groups

As mentioned in the previous Bubble Shooter tip, you should spread “unwanted” bubbles along the puzzle to avoid stacking them. However, you can also be smart about these bubbles and turn them into profitable assets to increase your scoring.
The trick is to place them over a wide group of bubbles with the same color or, at least, make sure they are located in between two bubbles with the same color. In both cases, it means that you only need one more bubble to pop that group or pair. And once you pop them, the “unwanted” bubble(s) you attached to them will fall down and award you more points.

10. Be quick or be patient

Bubble Shooter online games can have one of two challenging features. Either time is a constraint and the ceiling of the puzzle falls down as the clock ticks, or you have a limited amount of ammunition to shoot and you must plan your shots carefully to avoid running out of shooting balls and losing.
Therefore, depending on the Bubble Shooter game you choose to play, you either need to be quick and pop the bubbles before the ceiling descends, or be patient and think carefully before you shoot.
Interestingly enough, regardless of the challenging factor, all the previous Bubble Shooter tricks are still valid. Either because you need to hurry up or because you need to save your ammunition, these tricks and tips can still help you create a winning plan.